Women & Home Design

Women & Home Design

Home Design And Its Deep Association With Women

Reports of the 2005 NAHB International Builders Show revealed that females are basically the main decision-makers in around 91% cases of home-purchase. So, is it not highly important to keep women perspectives in mind while designing houses? Indeed, it is!

Since the early 2003s, our Her Home Magazine division and Design Basics are involved in carrying out in-depth and thorough research with women who are frequent or one-time purchasers of residential properties. We have the talent of pleasing female home-purchasers through designing due to our ability of lending them an ear differently. It begins with the recognition of the fact that females have the capability of viewing a house’s design with strict consideration of factors relevant to living style that would be potentially practiced in that home.

Nowadays, the trends of home-building have taken a very different from; one plainly cannot easily sell a house which is designed using old styles and techniques. Keep in mind that:

· Females love entertaining guests and therefore so they search for areas fit for entertaining informally/formally, outdoors/indoors.

· Females look for areas to relax and shed some stress. They may want places for, walkin showers, soaking-tubs, comfortable locations to for loosening up or reading, and articles that need less maintenance so that they don’t have to work too hard.

· Females view interior designing by focusing on storage spaces; these might be for closet or garage stores. Besides this, they might also prefer storage solutions for kitchens, linens and laundries.

· Female are ever bothersome about the changing family patterns, hence they search for spaces that can potentially be used for fulfilling future and currents requirements, for example, accommodation of old parents or beginning of businesses which are home-based

All of these factors paired with a lot of others made us formulate home designs with a very special feminine approach – The woman-centric home-plans! To help show the 4 key factors mentioned above that ladies use to assess the interior designing of a home, we even colorize the floor plan.

Let’s go through the 3 best ways to achieve the woman-centric design of homes:

·Go For Design Basics Proven Home Plans

The foremost thing you can do is to go for ‘Design Basics Proven Home Plans’. The Design Basic offers a wide of home designs to choose from, which are fully planned by females for females! A noteworthy fact about these designs is that they are affordable and consists of features that would attract the women to the utmost. For almost all the plans, CAD files are readily offered, besides the same day delivery service. Modification and consultation services are also offered.

·Get Personalized Plans

If you are looking for something customized according to your own tastes, we do have a solution for you! Design Basics offers services of devising brand new home plans as per your requirements.

·Get Your Existing Plan Polished

Design Basics are pleased to welcome people who have home-plans already designed, but just need a thorough analysis of how successful it is going to be through a woman’s perspective and what additions are necessary in terms of floor plan and interior to make the house more sell-able!

“How you design, build and market your homes reflects your view of women.”

Contact us for more information regarding our philosophies for devising a home-plan that would make the ladies fall in love with it. 

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