Winter Wonderland 2017

Winter Wonderland 2017

December 8th is a day that our family will remember for a lifetime!

Maybe it’s because us Texans (at least in the B/CS area), don’t ever get to experience it — but there is something that’s just so profound and magical — about “snow.” Where we live, building a snowman, or making “snow angels” on the ground, isn’t something that’s the norm. In fact, we haven’t seen snow like this in more than 10 years!

I’ll be there first to tell you, seeing families and folks in general putting their  “devices” down to soak in this rare moment that Mother Nature blessed us with, has been a sight to see; and quite frankly — absolutely refreshing to witness. 

The National Weather Service reported snow from San Antonio into East Texas.  The most recent comparable snowfall in San Antonio had been in January 1987, when 1.3 inches of snow accumulated, but the most recent major snowfall was 13.2 inches in January 1985. Magical! 



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