Winter Heat Efficiency Tip – Reverse Ceiling Fans!

Winter Heat Efficiency Tip – Reverse Ceiling Fans!

Ceiling fans are a great feature that can increase energy efficiency in your home and a common fixture used by custom home builders when structuring homes for their clients.

Though the cooling benefits that ceiling fans offer in the summer are pretty obvious, they can also be used in the winter to create a more energy efficient home.

Used correctly, ceiling fans installed by your home builder can provide year-round comfort while helping you reduce your energy bills.

Better Quality Ceiling Fans Work Two Ways

The high-quality ceiling fans installed in your home by your custom home builder hold a secret: they work in two different directions.

Since most people use their fans in the summer to keep their rooms cooler, they come out of the box with the blades turning forward or actually counterclockwise.

Better quality fans also have a switch on the side that lets you change the blade direction from counterclockwise to clockwise.

When technically reversed and turning clockwise, you can use your ceiling fans in the winter to keep your rooms warmer.

How Airflow Affects Cooling and Heating

Ceiling fans can be an important element in your energy efficient home if you use them properly:

Cool with Forward Turning Blades - With the blades turning forward or counterclockwise, the air close to the ceiling is pushed downward to create a cooling effect in the room.

Even though the air temperature does not change, blowing and moving air feels cooler on the skin without having to lower the thermostat, which is especially helpful if your home builder designed your HVAC with the air vents in or close to the ceiling.

Warm with Blades Reversed - With the switch flipped and the blades turning slowly in reverse or clockwise, the fan draws air in the room upward instead of pushing it down.

Because heat rises, the warmest air in your room in the wintertime is closest to the ceiling; so by pushing air up toward the ceiling, the fan blades blow the warmest air back down into the room to keep a warmer temperature without actually having to raise the thermostat.

Ceiling Fans Improve Energy Efficiency

Since good air circulation can make a big difference in your cooling and heating bills, ceiling fans sized appropriately for the different rooms in your home can improve heating and cooling energy efficiency when you most need it.

When designing an energy efficient home, discuss adding the right ceiling fans with your home builder to keep your home comfortable without having to adjust the thermostat and use more energy.

Stylish and functional, ceiling fans installed by your builder do double duty to save you money!

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