Why Add A Video Doorbell To Your Custom Built Home?

Why Add A Video Doorbell To Your Custom Built Home?

Video doorbells have become quite popular in recent years, with many owners of custom built homes or any homes for that matter installing them.

They offer a lot of conveniences, making them an attractive option over a standard doorbell.

They can also be a bit expensive for a doorbell and might require your home builder or an electrician to do the installation if you can't do it on your own.

That said, there are many benefits to adding a video doorbell to your new custom designed home.

How Do Video Doorbells Work?

A video doorbell is can be installed at the front door of your custom built home to look outwardly and work like any other doorbell.

People ring it and it chimes in your house. Yet the doorbell itself has a tiny video camera and audio speaker built inside that records the sound and video of your front door area.

Video doorbells also have motion sensors that can activate the camera whenever something moves within the programmed range of the sensor or left on for constant video monitoring.

Video doorbells also connect to your wireless phone or computer through an app so you can view the video being recording and see who is at the front door of your custom designed home.

You can speak to that person through the speaker right from your phone without ever going to the door.

The doorbell will also send push notifications to your phone or device to let you know there is activity.

Why Install A Video Doorbell in Your Custom Home?

Asking your custom home builder to install a video doorbell on your new custom home definitely offers you some convenience.

Still, the most important reasons why you should consider one is home security.

Consider these various ways that video doorbells can enhance the security of your custom designed home while also being convenient:

  • Know Who is There Before You Open - You can see who has rung your doorbell by watching the video on your phone
  • Talk to Your Visitor - You can talk directly to your visitor without having to open the door or even having to be there. You could be out in your car and talk to a person at your door.
  • Record Video of Your Door Area - Considering the number of home burglaries and package thefts that happen today, having the ability to visually monitor the front of your house is an important security feature. Depending on positioning, you may even be able to record the entire front area of your house.
  • Crime Deterrent - Because video doorbells are becoming so popular, many would-be thieves or vandals look for them first before they act. Doorbell videos can be great evidence. While they don’t stop every package thief out there, some would-be robbers now think twice before stealing or causing any trouble when they see a video doorbell.
  • Great Quality Video - When correctly installed these tiny hidden cameras day or night record high-quality sound and video.
  • Programmable - Better video doorbells give you broad ability to control things like motion detector ranges, when the camera activates, time schedules, and more so you have the security and convenience you want when you want it.
  • Battery Operated - The doorbell itself is run using a strong battery that keeps it functioning independently of your home’s power supply.

With these great features, it definitely makes sense to have your home builder or electrician install a video doorbell at the front door of your custom built home.

A Final Thought About Video Doorbells

You will gain the convenience of being able to answer your front door from wherever you happen to be and have the ability to monitor who is there and what's happening at your door.

After going through the time and trouble to build a custom designed home, a video doorbell is one great way to protect you and your beautiful house!

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