What is the Design and Appeal of a Craftsman Style Home?

What is the Design and Appeal of a Craftsman Style Home?

What should be done when looking for a home builder in Bryan or College Station TX to create a new home? One of the first steps is to select a particular design for the exterior and perhaps the interior of the house – such as the American Craftsman style that is known for its Arts and Crafts details and an overall design that is particularly suitable for bungalows and small, economical homes. Everything from the layout of the house to the color of the exterior and interior has that American Craftsman influence; it is one of the most common home designs that is seen in older neighborhoods in the United States.


When considering this particular style by a Brazos County home builder for a new home project, it would be helpful for a homeowner to learn a bit about its history. Aside from houses, the American Craftsman as part of the Arts and Crafts movement is a type of building style that applies to interior design as well as the exterior architectural structure and decorative elements; it remained popular until the 1930’s.

This style of house design originated from the British Arts and Crafts movement that began earlier in Great Britain and Europe; it was distinguishable in design by its simplicity, encouragement of originality, use of natural material common to the locality in which it was built, and the use of handicraft as a design element. Although there is no one unique style that distinguishes an American Craftsman Style house, there are some common features that set it apart from others:

  • Kitchen integration into main house and the outdoors
  • Addition of a in-kitchen eating area or breakfast nook
  • Built-ins in the dining room area
  • Hand-crafted woodwork or stone work
  • Front porch added under the main roof extension

These are just a few of the design elements that allowed this home style to bridge the gap between the upper class Victorian homes and the lower class tenement buildings that were common. The middle class was growing – and needed home builders in Bryan and College Station Texas to design homes that served specific needs and purposes – both then and now.

Design Appeal

As mentioned above, the primary appeal of this house at the time was its unique and comfortable bungalow style that could comfortably suit most of the rising middle class families of the time. It is now found in older neighborhoods across the country and is experiencing a great appeal as a ‘reno’ home especially in some of the larger cities. The young professionals who work in large down town areas no long want to live in the ‘suburbs’ but would prefer to be closer to the activities more commonly found in down town areas.

There is a certain feeling of nostalgia, of going back in time when the Craftsman homes were so popular and neighborhoods evolved that were filled with this particular architectural design. Many new young owners are having Brazos County home builders merely restore them to their former glory and enjoy them exactly as they were originally designed.

Home builders in College Station and Bryan TX advise that home design is a reflection of the personal tastes of the homeowner, so style should be carefully chosen. Perhaps a comfortable style that can be considered is one from the past – the American Craftsman-style home!

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