What Is Involved With Smart Custom Home Design?

What Is Involved With Smart Custom Home Design?


Immortalized in old films from the 1950’s and 60’s, the “home of the future” is here today, at least in part! With many futuristic features that custom homes of the past could only dream about, today’s “smart homes,” offer those who own custom houses some truly innovative features with many conveniences and luxuries. Having a smart home takes a little forward planning, but a user-friendly home is reasonably easy for custom builders to design, allowing a person to have the home of their dreams.

What Is A Smart Home?

A smart house by today’s standards, is one that has many automated functions. Whether automatically controlled, or controlled remotely via wireless or internet connection, today’s smart house is a “thinking” house in many ways. These custom homes create an environment that is comfortable, convenient, and safe for its residents. While this technology stemmed initially from home security, it now includes many other ideas such as lighting and thermostat control, audio control, and even things like brewing the morning coffee and feeding  pets.

Today’s Smart Home Technology

The basis of smart home technology is the computerized, wireless and internet-based software that in a sense, allows components to talk to each other. Devices containing receivers are controlled by a main application which, when programmed to function in certain ways, can automate an entire home. This ranges from anything such as security cameras and light controls, to reactionary processes - like doors unlocking automatically when approached by a person with clearance, and thermostatic control based on when rooms are in actual use.


This function was initially conceived with wired applications, but they were much more limited in delivering messages, and the way in which appliances and systems could react to each other. Today’s wireless capabilities make automating custom houses much easier, and allow many more “smart” devices to talk to, and react to each other. This is based on a series of programmed questions that each device must interpret and answer to know which action to take.

Smart Home Design

To get the most out smart home software and the remote devices that can be controlled by it, some planning is involved. First, homeowners must take account of the various devices available to be used in this manner, and choose the ones they want custom builders to incorporate. These range from cameras, thermostats, and motion sensors, as well as many different appliances and devices that will react remotely when programmed into these devices. Additionally, this software enables programming and control from any smartphone or computer, or from control panels within the home. The main concern once a homeowner decides what functions are desired, is choosing the best software and server package. Then it must be confirmed that any devices with remote capabilities are able to communicate with the chosen software and network.

Although the idea may sound complicated, it is actually fairly simple once a home automation networking package is chosen. Owners of custom houses can work with their custom builders to arrange for, and build in the necessary equipment to make all of this possible. The end result is a beautiful house of the “future” that is efficient, convenient, and allows a homeowner to get the utmost in enjoyment and security from their custom home!

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