What Is Involved With Modern Eclectic Farmhouse Design?

What Is Involved With Modern Eclectic Farmhouse Design?

Since the beginning of its history, the farmhouse has been an iconic home design that has greatly impacted American architecture.

Today, modern farmhouses are highly desirable for their old-fashioned warmth coupled with important modern conveniences.

For those building new homes, this is a great design that can offer much in the way of beauty and utility.

Modern farmhouse builders are continuously stretching boundaries in their designs while still maintaining that classic farmhouse look.

Why the Modern Farmhouse?

Back in the day, farmhouses were nothing special. More than anything, they were buildings built to be useful and handle large families in a very economical way.

They were plain but held a certain charm that has stayed with this architectural style, making it so popular today.

Modern farmhouse builders find that people love them and their popularity is growing once again.

Why the modern farmhouse though? Most people building new homes to look like these older ones enjoy the comfortable, homey feel this traditional style offers.

They can bring a little bit of the rugged country life into the city or suburbs with a charm that just doesn’t come with most current home styles.

People have been in love with the relaxed, serene feel of farmhouses for generations. It only makes sense that with some updating, it would continue to be a popular style.

Common Design Elements Of The Modern Eclectic Farmhouse

Although the looks of today’s modern farmhouses may stray somewhat from the more classic ones of the past, they all generally have some of the same elements that maintain that farmhouse look and feel:

  • Smaller Footprint - As large as some farmhouses may be, they traditionally occupy a small footprint, usually about 1500 sq ft, many times with multiple stories.
  • Large Rooms and High Ceilings - Farmhouses are traditionally very simple on the inside, with fewer large, open rooms as opposed to more smaller and closed-in rooms. High ceilings are also common, as this trait was found in many old architectural styles, including farmhouses.
  • Tall, Thin Windows - Characteristic of the American farmhouse, these attractive windows appear throughout the house, starting much lower to the floor and reaching as high or higher than standard modern windows.
  • Wood Siding, Windows, and Beams - Whether made with actual wood or faux wood siding, modern farmhouse builders capture this classic exterior look to define the style, even if the overall shape or size may be a bit different. Wood or wood look windows as well as exposed beams within the house itself are other common elements that add to that farmhouse feel.
  • Fireplaces and Wood Stoves - Whether they are working or not, these are classic elements that when included in the traditional style of newly built homes, really increases that classic feel.
  • Modern Style and Convenience Updates - Amidst the more classic construction elements, modern versions of the traditional farmhouse also include many updates that accentuate the look while also offering comfort and convenience. Some of these include: luxurious bed and bath suites; fully equipped kitchens with classic farmhouse sinks, of course; lots of interior wood trim, ceramic tile, and metal-look ceiling tiles transitioned into more modern looks; pale, neutral color schemes; and lots of great lighting. Barn doors and sliding doors are popular as well, as are enclosed patios and modern versions of the classic farmhouse porch.

A Final Thought About Modern Farmhouse Design

Whether building new homes or renovating existing ones, modern farmhouses can be wonderful alternatives to the cookie-cutter homes that seem to pop up all over.

Today’s modern farmhouse builders can bring back the past in a modern version of this beautiful architectural classic!

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