What Are The Intriguing Custom Home Color Trends For 2018?

What Are The Intriguing Custom Home Color Trends For 2018?

Home decor color trends change over the years as does kitchen and bath design and other means of personalizing custom homes.

Sometimes color trends revolve around certain themes such as natural tones, airy tones, and more.

Other times, trends can revolve around something much bolder, such as a particular color that’s become popular.

This year, custom home builders have seen a demand for palettes that revolve around the color Ultraviolet, the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year.

A dark shade of purple, Ultraviolet is certainly a bold move for home decor in custom built homes.

2018 Is About More Than Just Purple

Ultraviolet is far from the only deep, luxurious color becoming popular in color palettes in custom homes this year. Designers and builders agree that 2018 is a year for self-expression and standing out.

Along with Ultraviolet, there is considerable focus on a few other bold dark colors as well:

  • Deep Blue-Green - Blues that create a look of the sea are very popular this year, especially when matched with lighter, pale blues of the same hue.
  • Deep Red - Cooler, deep reds are also popular lately. They add some excitement to a room without heating things up too much and blend well with other cooler colors.
  • Soft Black - Classic black can be a beautiful, neutral color used to accentuate a room by painting only one wall or highlighting certain areas. Black can seem intimidating; however, the right hue is actually warm and inviting.

Using Bold, Deep Colors the Right Way

The biggest challenge homeowners face when choosing bold colors like Ultraviolet is how to use them the right way. These tips on succeeding with dark and bold colors in home decor can help:

  1. Put Fear Aside - When bold colors become popular, owners of custom built homes have the perfect excuse to go outside traditional boundaries. These are luxurious colors that can really change the look of a room. Used appropriately, they can add a unique, yet beautiful touch to any home. Homeowners who fall in love with these tones need only find a great way to incorporate them. They can step out of the box and turn their homes into inviting works of home decor art.
  2. Accentuate without Overwhelming - While custom home builders find that some fearless homeowners will go straight to using bold colors on interior walls, others will opt to use these colors only to accentuate. A key to succeeding with deep, bold colors like Ultraviolet is understanding their “temperature” and using them in the right areas. As such, bold colors can be used to create moods depending on how they are used and combined with other colors.
  3. Balance Bold and Subtle - For homeowners to get the best results with deeper, darker colors in their custom built homes, balance is the key. These colors should be balanced alongside complimentary colors in more subtle shades to create the most cohesive look. Used as a primary focus color in custom homes, dark colors can be softened with more subtle secondary colors. Conversely, when used as a secondary color, dark hues can add life to softer, more traditional tones.

Color Trends 2018 - A Summary

Although there is a new color of the year every year, custom home builders and decorators expect that this year’s trend of using dark, bold hues will be around for a while.

Ultraviolet, dark blues, reds, and even soft blacks are a great base for exciting home decor color palettes.

These colors can make today’s custom built homes truly unique from every other house in the neighborhood, inside and out!

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