What Are The Best Ways To Shade A Patio?

What Are The Best Ways To Shade A Patio?

A patio is a welcome addition to any home, one that can be added by custom home builders with little additional fuss. Deciding the best way to shade that patio may take a little more consideration, as there are many ways – both permanent and temporary – that it can be done. When considering a goal of having a nice outdoor space that gets just enough sun, here are a few options worth considering.

Permanent Shade Ideas

When designing a patio and planning a permanent solution to provide shade, custom home builders can offer a number of great ideas that can be used for the perfect outdoor spot.

  • Lattice Covering – Made of wood or even PVC, lattice can provide enough shade over a comfortable patio as well as a nice atmosphere. Overhead lattice looks great on its own; it can also be grown with vines and other creeping plants for additional shade and appearance effects.
  • Planted Trellises – Trellises are similar to lattice with the exception that the main, shade-providing element consists of plants such as creeping vines and ivy that fill the gaps in the trellis. They look beautiful during most season; however, they do require attention to keep plants green and well trimmed.
  • Wood Veneers – Whether designed by custom home builders as a basket weave, slatted sections, or even a traditional roof-style covering, wood and wood veneers make excellent choices for patio coverings in a variety of styles and amount of shade provided.
  • Trees and Foliage – Trees and climbing plants are the most natural of choices against boundary walls or vertical trellises by providing great shade for any patio. The only drawback is that trees must mature somewhat before they can provide adequate shade.

Temporary and Adjustable Shade Ideas

Although the fixed shade provisions are a nice addition to any patio, some custom home builders may want greater ability to control the amount of shade. For those who like full sun and partial sun, there are some temporary option that are available.

  • Adjustable Shades – Available in different varieties such as ‘shade sails’ made of boat sail material, canvas, wire-strung shades, and wooden, reed or bamboo adjustable shades, these types of adjustable shades provide attractive, yet adjustable or removable covering as desired.
  • Retractable Roofs – Although a retractable roof is technically a permanent shade solution requiring the installation of framework for the roof, custom home builders can use this option as a means of customizable shade. Made from fabric, wood, metal, and many other materials, they come with different mechanisms from overhanging fabric to roll-up choices.
  • Suspended Screens – Framed sections of screen fabric, bamboo or decorative coverings in various types can provide stylishly suitable shade when suspended over a patio area. These are typically removable for cleaning and adjusting.
  • Shade Slats – Wooden slats make great shade options and can be mounted permanently or applied as rolling shades, roll-up shades, or any material type that allows for removal and/or adjustment as needed.
  • Canopies – Probably the simplest form of temporary shade is a canopy that can be set up and either attached to surrounding structures or held up with poles that can be set up and moved as necessary. Canopies are a good inexpensive option for immediate use while considering more permanent options.

There are many ways that custom home builders can shade a new patio in ways that range from long-lasting options that will become a part of permanent landscaping to quick set-up and take-down versions that are useful for a perfect, sunny afternoon. A little creativity when shading a patio can be a really great option!

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