What Are Some Important Custom Home Design Factors?

What Are Some Important Custom Home Design Factors?

Custom built homes provide homeowners a chance to incorporate their wants and needs into a design that is all about them. Homes built to suit mean there is no need to settle for a pre-packaged home plan, so incorporating those wants and needs is easier than remodeling. With the continual rise in utility costs, and the current movement toward downsizing, custom and energy efficient homes have become a leading trend, along with many other one-of-a-kind ideas. For some concepts on popular trends today in building custom homes, read ahead to find some of the more significant ideas!

Energy Efficient, Green Homes

As utility costs skyrocket, finding new ways to keep costs down has become more of a priority, especially for those building custom homes. This is even more so considering the push for businesses and homeowners alike to become more environmentally friendly and live greener. New technology, more efficient appliances, and alternative energy sources have become important; more homeowners, including those with custom built homes, are making use of them. Updating appliances, solar panels, and improved home insulation are important factors today in creating more energy efficient homes.

Open, Multiple Use Floor Plans

Open design is a trend in office buildings and in custom built homes as well. Natural light, spaces designed with the use of components rather than walls, and the ability to use space for multiple purposes is a trend gaining popularity, for a lot of good reasons – including the creation of more energy efficient homes. Open plans make attractive interiors in custom homes and can create more comfortable living spaces, as well as provide practical benefits, such as helping a family experience more togetherness when it seems there is never enough time for everything.

Smaller Homes

As another answer to the question about energy efficient homes as well as more affordable living, building trends continue to suggest that downsizing is a growing choice. With smaller spaces, builders of custom homes also put more effort into skillful planning to make the best use of space.

Extra Kitchen and Bath Attention

One of the most prevalent trends in custom home design of recent years has also been the inclusion of over-sized, fully outfitted kitchens and spa-like bathrooms. While some may find these trends excessive, for families that enjoy a lot of time at home or have a gourmet cook in the family, these rooms are a welcome investment. The best part about custom built homes is they can be dream homes with a large, equipped kitchen at the top of the priority list and a more luxurious bath in second place – why not?

Home Offices and Creative Storage

In today’s digital age, more people than ever are telecommuting or running a small business from home, making an office space another important need for those who want custom homes. Home offices and creative storage ideas to make efficient use of every last bit of available space are trends that continue to grow, especially as home sizes continue to shrink.

Outdoor Rooms and Covered Spaces

An ingenious and attractive way to expand livable space when creating energy efficient homes, is with enclosed porches, patios and decks – all of which are a staple with most builders of custom homes. Well-built patios and porches provide beauty, comfort, and increased home value, establishing enjoyable areas that can be used for part or all of the year, depending on climate, insulation and containment of the rooms.

Every homeowner has their own idea of what would be the perfect home; however, with some of these popular trends and a little creativity, a custom home can truly become a one-of-a-kind dream home. Whether energy efficient homes are a priority, or the inclusion of certain amenities are what a homeowner wants, custom built homes are only limited by finding the best way to implement such ideas. The end result should be a home that owners will enjoy for years to come!

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