What Are Some Bold Window Design Options For My Custom Home?

What Are Some Bold Window Design Options For My Custom Home?

Great windows can really transform the look of custom built homes as there is more to them than just their function of letting in the light and a nice breeze.

The windows in today's custom homes are also a style element that can enhance the entire look of your home, both inside and out.

Whether considering structural design and functionality or aesthetic look, these are some of the popular trends in window design to enhance the look of your new home.

Energy Efficient Glass

Today, the emphasis on energy efficiency is more apparent than ever, with new custom home builders using highly efficient glass in their homes.

Energy Star rated windows have become standard, expected equipment particularly in custom built homes for their ability to reduce cooling and heating bills.

Large Opening Windows and Pass-Through Glass Doors

Functional window walls, glass accordion doors and room dividers, as well as large opening windows are making their way into many custom homes now as homeowners seek more light and airiness.

Attractive and functional, pass-through doors from the patio to the kitchen and extra-large room windows that open up a room and let in more air are highly desirable.

Squares and Rectangles

Classic arched windows are taking a back seat this year as more homeowners are opting for crisp lines and sharp corners.

Large square and rectangular windows are the most prominent design based on the architectural styles that more new custom home builders are contracting today.

Many homeowners are finding arches, curves, and other shapes to look dated or out of place with some of the more modern home styles becoming popular.

Clean, Minimalist Design

Along with the squares and rectangles, minimalist window designs have become more prominent as well.

Casement and direct set windows made from aluminum and steel are popular, as is creating an almost storefront-like look with large windows or window walls.

More light, more air, and less frame is the trend that many builders of custom homes are seeing.

Black Metal and High-End Lumber

While black minimalist metal windows have become a popular option for more modern architectural types, owners of traditional homes have their preferences as well.

Windows made from higher-end lumber like mahogany, white oak, and other desirable species are in high demand for their clean lines, lighter grain, and furniture-grade quality after finishing.

In Conclusion

Overall, the type of window you choose will depend partly on the type of design chosen for your custom built home.

Yet some features, like energy efficient Energy Star certified glass and bigger windows to open up your rooms can apply to any custom home design.

When you’re working on your final design plan, talk about window options with your custom home builder so you achieve the look you really want!

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