Tips on Settlement Walk-Throughs

Tips on Settlement Walk-Throughs

The Importance of Conducting a Pre-Settlement &

Final Settlement Walk-Through when Buying a Home

Your home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make in a lifetime. This is precisely the reason why you should not rush through the buying process. If you purchase a home a bit too quickly, you might end up not seeing the flaws inside the structure and shoulder the expenses of having it repaired or improved. On the other hand, if it takes too long a time for you to decide before purchasing a home, it might be off the market before you know it.

What is a Home Walk-through?

A house walk-through involves setting aside at least 30 minutes or more to inspect the structural integrity of the residential unit. Experts advise going through the house with a fine-toothed comb and be as detailed as a home inspector, if necessary.

What exactly is the benefit of conducting a home walk-through? Let’s say that you bought this gorgeous three-bedroom house in a quiet neighborhood, like Bryan or College Station. During the day of your move, you’re overly excited so you immediately unpack your boxes. Unknowingly, there’s a huge crack in the ceiling of the kid’s bedroom which you failed to notice upon first inspection.

Instead of having to shoulder the expenses of having the ceiling crack repaired, a thorough home walk-through will allow you to see such faults in the first place – and notify the seller before you actually move in.

Another benefit of conducting a walk-through is that as a homeowner, you would know how things work prior to settling in. Anything that needs to be corrected or changed inside the house is something that will also be addressed by a walk-through of the house plan.

Tips for Conducting Settlement Walk-Throughs 

Now, what are the things that you need to remember when conducting settlement walk-throughs? Take a look at the following list:

  • Learn how a particular electrical appliance works.

During a walk-through, you will be given a chance to talk with the seller who in turn can take the time to explain to your how things work. If there’s a brand of washing machine which you are unfamiliar with, for example, the seller should give you a preview about how it generally works.

  • If you had a new custom home built, make sure that you understand what your maintenance responsibilities are to the seller.

Newly-built homes also have walk-throughs, and it is the perfect opportunity for you to be informed of your general repair and maintenance responsibilities. Maintaining a home takes a lot of work, and being aware of what your general tasks should be definitely helps.

  • Ask the seller questions about the community.

You should also ask the seller questions about the community. Is the neighborhood pretty much safe? What are things like during different times of the day? Have there been any alarming incidents lately which you as a new homeowner should be concerned about? For example, The Bryan College Station area is very safe and family-friendly.

  • Go through your checklist of other questions to ask and be thorough.

When having a walk-through, you may want to create a checklist of questions to ask. Click here to view an example where there is a detailed list of the things that you should check on including the house’s exterior, interior, roof, electrical wiring, HVAC, plumbing and kitchen.

Settlement walk-throughs prevent future problems from occurring in the first place by allowing you to spot flaws in a house’s structure early on – so learn everything that you can about the house plan.

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