Three things you must know before you build a house

Three things you must know before you build a house

There is no such thing as impossible; tell yourself this every time you feel you can’t possibly build a home for yourself and your family. The feeling of going to live in a brand new house is remarkable, you feel on top of the world, you feel you have achieved something from your life, the feelings of pride and satisfaction overcome you and I believe everyone in this world deserves to feel like this. Shifting to a used house can never be as good as shifting to brand new house; one that is customized and tailor made for you and just you. If you are and have been thinking about building a home, its time you get started, but before you do, there are two things you must know; the house builder and your budget.

Know your builder; by this we don’t just mean his name and address but it includes everything you need to know about the builder because he will become in charge of you’re under construction home and materials. Do not hesitate and ask him all the details about his previous work places and go to those people to find out about the kind of work he did and whether he was responsible or not. Ask around in his neighborhood about the kind of person he is, obviously you don’t want a fussy builder who would make your life a living hell, be sure to perform all this research before you pay the down payment because after that it would be just too late.

Budgeting; a budget is of crucial importance, it acts like a guideline for the constriction process, if you plan and budget everything beforehand it would become easy for you to monitor that construction site. Perform healthy levels of research on each department, for example, how much would sanitation cost, how much would the pain cost, the cost of tiles, flooring, walls etc so if any department is going over budget you can instantly sense a problem or something fishy. Secondly spend your money on things which are expensive to upgrade later, for example, you can always get new sanitary but you can expand a few feet to the living room or make a bedroom bigger later on. Focus on the foundation of the house because decoration can be done any time later in life but once a foundation is made it can’t renewed easily or anytime soon.

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