The Leaves Just Fell – Better Clean Those Gutters!

The Leaves Just Fell – Better Clean Those Gutters!

If you’ve gone through the effort of building a home with custom builders in Texas, the best thing you can do to protect your special home is keep up with seasonal maintenance.

As annoying as it may seem, part of that maintenance is gutter cleaning.

Since it’s colder out these days and all the trees have shed their leaves, the time to clean those gutters before winter sets in is now.

Clean gutters keep custom built homes safe from the damage that clogged gutters can cause.

Leaves and Roof Gutters Equal Home Damage

Even though your custom builder has likely protected your home by installing gutters around the edges of the roof, it’s important that those gutters be maintained and kept clear of leaves and other debris.

Leaves are the most common debris found in roof gutters and it doesn’t take many of them to start clogging up the path of draining water.

If there are trees around your house, whether on your property or not, those leaves will find a way into your gutters.

Clogged gutters may not seem like much of a problem; however, they can end up being the cause of extensive damage to your beautiful custom built home:

  • Roof Damage - Water pooling in clogged gutters can saturate the edges of your roof, causing the shingles or underlayment to soak up water. Eventually, this can lead to shingle rot, leaks, structural damage due to rot, and even ice damming causing significant shingle damage in the winter.

  • Foundation Damage - A gutter left clogged with leaves can also cause substantial damage to your home foundation if that water spills over the sides instead of flowing through the downspout to the intended drainage point. When the ground surrounding your home stays wet from gutter spillage, you could experience foundation shifting which is an expensive problem to have repaired.

Clean As Soon As Leaves Have Fallen

Home builders and roofers agree that fall is always the best time for gutter cleaning; just be sure to wait until the last of those tree leaves have fallen.

Waiting until the trees are bare ensures that all leaves can be cleaned away and your gutters will be ready to function properly throughout the winter.

Fortunately, cleaning your gutters to prepare your home for winter is not that hard to do as long as you have the right equipment.

With a strong, sturdy ladder and someone to hold it steady for you, your gutters can be cleared out in a few hours or less.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, there are numerous contractors you can hire to do it for you.

Protect Your Custom Home with Clean Gutters

Your beautiful custom built home is your pride and joy; keep it in great shape by handling all seasonal maintenance at the right times.

Now that it’s late fall and the trees are bare, it’s the best time for you to clean your gutters or hire someone to do it for you.

Heading into winter with clean gutters means your roof and entire home built by custom builders is protected from the expensive water damage that clogged gutters can cause!

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