THE DESIGNER: How Southwest Homes makes designing your new home a breeze!

THE DESIGNER: How Southwest Homes makes designing your new home a breeze!

So you’ve talked and talked about it…and it’s time. You’re finally going to build a house. But how in the world are you going to have time to pick out all of the little things? The paint colors for each room? What about the kitchen cabinets and appliances? The flooring? All of the doors? Then what about the windows? Oh, and what about all of the hardware for the cabinets throughout the house.

Take a breath…because we do things a little differently at Southwest Homes, thanks to our secret weapon (which is not so secret anymore after this blog), Nancy Weeditz.

Nancy is a full-time member of our team with a degree in interior design, who will work with you to take all of that stress away.

But like Southwest Homes owner, Jason LaFollette, who thought he wanted to be a doctor, her path to becoming an expert in interior design was not really one that was planned, as she had medical ambitions of her own.

“In college, I thought I wanted to go into physical therapy, so I took a lot of science classes,” she said, “but I got married and we ended up owning a store that sold fire places, stone and flooring while we started a family. By the time I went back to finish school, I enjoyed it so much, that I ended up getting my degree in interior design and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Nancy uses her 20-plus years of expertise to walk our clients through every step of the interior design process, including accompanying them to meetings with various vendors, and helps make sure that we take the house you’ve envisioned, and produce an even better final product.

Weeditz said she has helped Southwest Homes customers with things like paint colors and flooring samples for nearly 15 years, but shortly after Jason LaFollette bought the company in 2014, her role was expanded.

“I’ve always met with the customers and we would go through colors and whatnot together, but I never went with them to pick out everything with our vendors,” she said. “Jason really initiated that and now it’s a much more custom home building process as I help our clients with all of their design decisions.”

LaFollette said that it’s something he saw as a huge opportunity when he bought the company.

“I had owned my own home building company before taking over at Southwest Homes, and it was pretty much a one man show,” he said. “Nancy is really one of the reasons that I saw so much opportunity with the company and is a big part of what makes our custom home building process different from other builders.”

Beginning right after the initial construction meeting with the Southwest Homes team, Nancy works through a process with each new client one-on-one, learning more about your style, what you’re looking for, and what’s most important. Then she is able to compile a list of everything needed for the particular project, as well as set appointments with vendors to select paint, flooring, cabinets, countertops, appliances and more.

Some of her favorite customers she’s worked with are the ones who sometimes aren’t always on the same page with each other before they meet with her about their new home.

“I had one couple come in and the wife said, ‘My husband is very modern and I’m very traditional, can you help us?’” Weeditz said with a laugh. “After we all had a pretty good laugh, I explained that that is what I’m here for and we worked through the whole process together and they were very excited with the end result, even though it was a challenge at times.”

But it’s those challenges that make every day exciting for her.

“The most enjoyable thing about my job is that I hear our customers say all the time, that “this was so much fun, I was really dreading this part,” Weeditz said, “I just love getting to see a customer at the end of a job, and to see how excited they are and that everything turned out as well as it did.”


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