The 5 Best Ways To Build New Energy Efficient Homes!

The 5 Best Ways To Build New Energy Efficient Homes!

Energy efficiency is important in today’s world, with many industries working hard to improve their technology and products. Improved efficiency is one of the main concerns when building new homes as well. More homeowners than ever realize the importance of ensuring their custom built homes use energy efficiently . There are many new trends in energy efficient homes when building a house; however, some ideas are simply good common sense ways to create a greener, more cost-effective home.

Roofing and Home Insulation

One of the most significant ways to reduce heating and cooling bills is with the right insulation and other thermo-protective products. Keeping heat out in summer, yet inside in winter, is the goal; the right combination of roofing and insulation can do just that. There is now a much greater selection of products designed to control the way a home absorbs or releases heat. When professionally installed by experts who understand how these products, people with homes built to use energy efficiently can reap the benefits of lower cooling and heating bills all year long.

Free Solar Energy

Solar panels, photovoltaic roofing, and other cutting-edge products allow for ultraviolet light to be turned into free resources to operate homes. Tesla Motors recently introduced an energy-storing home battery that offers homeowners a convenient and affordable way store free energy. Homeowners who are having new homes built can now rely on solar power more conveniently.

Energy Efficient Windows

Windows are one of the main home areas where energy can be lost in a number of ways, making replacement windows a beneficial investment for home efficiency. For those in the process of having specially designed homes constructed, storm windows that include Low-E technology should be installed, as these are energy rated products that help keep a house warm in winter and cool in summer. Since windows are one of the biggest sources of wasted home energy, this one change offers a great way to reduce home energy costs.

Professionally Sealed and Insulated Ductwork

One often-overlooked way to improve efficiency is duct work. Research indicates much of the heating and cooling lost in both old and new homes is due to poorly sealed duct work that should be both insulated and properly sealed. Homeowner will generally see a drop in energy bills with properly sealed duct work that is no longer heating or cooling empty spaces; the climate-controlled air is actually reaching the home’s interior.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Each year, appliances become available that are designed for even more efficient energy use. When combined with a home designed for energy conservation, the savings can really add up. Replacing outdated appliances with new, energy-rated ones is a great way for a homeowner to control energy usage and lower monthly energy bills. Custom built homes can start out right with only the most efficient appliances.

Custom built homes can be improved in efficiency in other ways, such as: updated HVAC; compact, fluorescent lighting; water-saving toilets; and more. The best time to go green is always when a home is being built. By starting off with the right, power-saving products, an energy efficient home is easier than ever to own!

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