SUBCONTRACTORS: Southwest Homes’ integrity sets them apart

SUBCONTRACTORS: Southwest Homes’ integrity sets them apart

A house takes several months to build, and while you have many regular meetings with a homebuilder, what’s happening at the construction site when you’re not there? What sort of work was completed behind the sheetrock and bricks that could cause you and your family serious headaches–and heartache–down the road?

According to several subcontractors, for homeowners who choose to build with Jason LaFollette and his experienced team at Southwest Homes, that’s not a concern.

“Unfortunately in this trade there’s a lot of things that happen while building a house that a customer just can’t see,” said Doug Anderson with Centex Countertops. “Just because you walk into a house and it looks pretty once it’s done, that doesn’t mean that everything was done right. But Jason and his team never ask me to cut corners to increase margins. They always want to know what is the best way to do it. It’s never what’s the cheapest way to fix it.”

That is important for an investment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a home that you may plan to live in for several decades.

Other subcontractors, from flooring specialists to plumbers and electricians, add that when you build with Southwest Homes, one of the things that you can count on is that you always know that you’re getting treated fairly.

But why is that important to the customer building the home? Because when something is priced, there are no surprises, and the work will be completed professionally.

Kyle West, with G&W Electric says that’s not always the case when working with every home builder, which in the end, always ends up hurting the homeowner more than anyone.

“In this industry some home builders will quote a price to a customer for a job and then come back and ask the (subcontractor) to do stuff for free that wasn’t quoted in the original job, rather than going back to the customer and explaining that the job has changed,” said West. “The bad part about that for the homeowner is that some subcontractors will then go ahead and do the extra work, but they don’t do as thorough of a job just to get it done quickly.”

How would you feel as a homeowner who just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new home, only to find out that a short time later, your plumbing has major issues, or that your electrical system can’t support the load needed for you and your family? Or worse, starts a fire?

West says that’s why it’s so important to work with a homebuilder who makes sure that he works with quality subcontractors, and also makes sure that everyone is on the same page.

“Jason has so much integrity, that when he goes back to the homeowner, and explains that since the job is changing to add x, y, z, the price is adjusted to complete the full job, and they understand that,” West said.

Anderson agrees.

“There are very few men alive with the character that Jason LaFollette has,” he said. “He’s an excellent human being and I wish I had 100 more customers like him. He’s always fair.”

In addition to integrity, Anderson adds that the constant communication between the Southwest Homes team and their subcontractors, which begins even before the contracts are complete, make working with Southwest Homes a much quicker process, and allows for shorter construction timelines.

“They always sends me a prebid sheet, so whether he gets the contract to build the house or not, I have a file on it,” Anderson said. “From there, I can get the ball rolling, and we can get things done so much quicker, then I talk to his construction superintendents every week and the whole team.”

Frank Flores, who opened up his own business, Flores Flooring, nearly 20 years ago, says that without LaFollette, he doesn’t know what he’d be doing today.
“Jason is as good as they come and he was one of the first builders to give me a chance and I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without him,” Flores said. “When I recommend home builders to people, he’s always at the very top of my list.”



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