Stunning Kitchen Designs for Custom Homes in 2018!

Stunning Kitchen Designs for Custom Homes in 2018!

Typically the business room in any house, the kitchen serves a lot of uses these days.

To accommodate so many needs, custom home builders and designers are continually developing functional and exciting appliances and components to create exclusive useful spaces.

From hidden storage to improved work lighting, it’s easy to customize homes today by incorporating these intriguing kitchen ideas.

Saving Space with Hidden Storage and Hardware

A huge trend in kitchen design for custom built homes this year has been hidden kitchen storage.

As one the one room in the house that probably stores the most items, the potential for mess and clutter is high.

Many designers are handling this problem by turning unused or creatively designed space into hidden storage for kitchen hardware, pantry items, and more.

Rather than taking up counter or cabinet space, these items are finding new homes in faux architectural columns and efficiently designed cabinets and drawers with the hardware hidden to create a sleeker look.

Stove hoods are disappearing behind partitions that are a part of the entire room design.

Improved ventilation systems in many custom homes that eliminates the stove hood altogether is another example of a more attractive and functional design that is becoming popular.

Clean, Open, Minimalist Design

Open storage is another trend that custom home builders are seeing more demand for in 2018.

This type of design incorporates light, airy, and open cabinets and shelves or removing kitchen cabinets altogether in lieu of more open shelving.

This can create more kitchen storage space as well as provide better access to everything. It also allows homeowners to actually display their dishware, glassware, and cookware.

Many owners of custom built homes find this design encourages them to keep less unnecessary items around and use the ones they enjoy as design elements in the kitchen.

Brilliant, Functional Workspace Lighting

Working in the kitchen is no different than working in any other space: good lighting is essential.

Unfortunately, it's been largely overlooked in the kitchen until now.

The latest trends in functional kitchen design for custom homes include layered lighting that provides superior surface illumination.

Since ceiling lights really are not enough in the kitchen where detailed work is done, layered lighting is a great answer and an attractive design feature.

Recessed lighting under the cabinets and shelves, expanded overhead lighting, and the addition of wall lighting all work together to create bright workspaces and attractive kitchen spaces in custom built homes.

Kitchens In Custom Built Homes - In Summary

Of all the rooms in any home, none sees more activity and deserves more design attention than the kitchen.

By incorporating the latest trends in kitchen design into custom built homes, anyone can have the spacious and beautiful kitchen of their dreams.

Using these and other innovative ideas, today’s custom home builders are creating more comfortable, spacious, and useful kitchen workspaces than ever before!

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