Smart Home Design – Exciting 2018 Trends!

Smart Home Design – Exciting 2018 Trends!

Everything is getting “smarter” these days and custom smart homes are no exception.

There is some great new technology available today that can turn any standard custom built home into one that offers convenience, safety, and other great amenities.

Look into some of the more prominent trends in smart home technology in 2018 that can turn any house into the home of the future.

Audio and Video

With the use of personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana becoming more popular, this technology is now stepping far beyond the smartphone.

Personal assistants that control home audio paved the way for other technology that has come together in many of today’s custom built smart homes.

From whole house voice-controlled audio and video to flat screen TVs that disappear into furniture or display photographs or artwork when not in use, these devices make home entertainment fun and easy.


Another element turning ordinary homes into custom smart homes is lighting control.

Voice controlled and programmable lighting is both a convenience and a safety feature. Automated window shades protect privacy and improve home efficiency.

Remote, push-button, or programmable control offers the ability to raise and lower shades uniformly as needed or at specific times.


Beyond the sound and lighting, custom built smart homes can even offer the convenience of one-touch atmospheric control.

At the push of a button, homeowners can create a programmed atmosphere in their custom built homes that adjusts interior temperature, turns on the audio and/or video, lowers or raises shades, and arms or disarms the home security system depending upon which setting is pushed.

This is great for waking up, turning in for the night, or creating a specific mood. Individual atmospheres can be designed for different rooms in the house as well.

Functional and Attractive Design

Including the many smart appliances now available to complete custom homes using convenient smart home technology, most manufacturers are moving toward providing maximum function in very stylish ways.

Automated shades are now available in many concealed and non-concealed styles. TV enclosures are disguised as other types of functional furniture or are built into the wall for easy concealment.

Most components work wirelessly, with all essential wiring hidden in the walls. To keep it all functional, more homes are being equipped with commercial grade WiFi systems.

Custom Built Smart Homes - What A Concept!

Just like trends in fashion and other things, home trends come and go.

Yet when it comes to the growing use of technology to create comfortable and efficient custom smart homes, designers see a bright horizon.

As technology continues to improve and become more available, expect to see even more custom built smart homes using it.

The future of functional home design is here!

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