Remodel or Build New?

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Should I Remodel or Build New?

Today’s real estate market in Bryan, College Station and the surrounding area has many home owners asking the question, “Should I remodel or build new?”

For over 30 years, Southwest Homes, has been helping homeowners answer that question.

“The most important thing is helping the customer figure out what their needs are,” says Jason LaFollette, owner of Southwest Homes, a premiere custom home builder with 20 years of experience in both building and remodeling homes.

“If you’re looking for home improvement, often the current space can be updated.   A kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or even adding rooms can make a big difference,” says LaFollette.  “Other times, you just need more room, more land or even a different neighborhood.  All these things can make building new a great option.”

According to LaFollette, there are many factors to consider, including the economics.  How much equity do you have in your home?  What are the surrounding property values?  Is it cost effective to remodel?  Additionally, there are logistics to consider.  Can you live in your home during a remodel?  How long will a remodel take?

These questions may seem a little overwhelming at first, but Jason and his team of experienced professionals can help you answer all of them.

“I love helping homeowners with this decision.  It’s so much fun to re-imagine an existing space and remodel it to fit their needs.  At the same time, building a new home can be exciting.  You get the chance to start over and plan everything from the ground up,” says LaFollette.

Southwest Homes has one of the most experienced teams in the area and has been the premier custom homebuilder in the Brazos Valley for over 30 years.

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