THE PROCESS: What it’s like to build a home with SW Homes

THE PROCESS: What it’s like to build a home with SW Homes

You’ve been scrolling through Pinterest and every night while lying in bed. You’ve found hundreds of photos of the perfect kitchen, the greatest back porch/outdoor kitchen area, the coziest living areas, or perhaps the most amazing walk in closet to finally house all of your shoes and purses, just the way you want them. Now it’s time to find a builder who can turn those dreams into reality…

That’s where Southwest Homes comes in.

“I always laughed at the amount of time my wife spent on Pinterestreally thinking through what she liked and didn’t like, but it all turned out exactly how we envisioned it,” said Josh South (Texas A&M Class of 2011), who moved into his brand new Southwest Homes custom home with his wife earlier this year.

The Souths showed Southwest Homes various photos of what they were wanting, as they designed and planned their farmhouse, which would be built on several acres outside of the Bryan-College Station area.

“Our fireplace was a combination of a couple of designs my wife had seen on Pinterest, and she sent them to (Southwest Homes Superintendent) Caleb,” South said. “We told him ‘here’s what we want the fireplace to look like and then here’s the bench we want, and the mantle,’ and it all came from different photos, and (Southwest Homes designers) just made it happen. What they ended up designing for us should honestly be published in a magazine. It’s fantastic.”

And design is just the first step in the process. As families go through the custom home building process with the Southwest Homes team, they say that they are kept apprised of the progress in almost real time.

Jeanie Grant (Texas A&M Class of ’88), who recently designed a home with her husband, Mike (Texas A&M Class of ’87) in the College Station area while living in Boise, Idaho, jokingly said that when the couple began debating whether to build a new home from 1700+ miles away or not, their first concern was simply surviving the process without ending up in divorce court.

“We owned that land for 12 years before we finally built a home on it, because we were so intimidated to take on that kind of project from so far away,” Grant said, “But it turned out to be more of a bonding opportunity than anything. Nancy, Ernie, Jason, and Caleb, especially, made it so easy and stress free, we had prepared ourselves to be a nightmare and it honestly caused us no aggravations at all.”

The technology that Southwest Homes uses during construction is also something that Grant said helped monitor the project from Idaho.

“They use an app that they use to post regular photos and updates for us, and that made it a lot of fun, especially since we lived so far away,” she said. “But even if you lived in the area, the constant updates and photos are a huge help.”

And while this experience is common from several Southwest Homes clients, even when things don’t always go perfectly as planned, the team, starting at the very top with the owner, Jason LaFollette, works hard to make things right.

“There were a couple of minor issues that were frustrating along the way as a first time builder, but Jason always made sure that we got exactly what we were looking for and the entire team took every step to make it right,” South said. “They even reached out to us 120 days after we moved in to follow up and make any adjustments or repairs. That’s just not very common these days.”

Grant added that after moving into their new home, she and her husband had such an incredible experience while building with Southwest Homes, she’s sad they waited so long to do it.

“The biggest shame for us is that this will likely be the first and last house that we build, and we won’t get to go through the process with everyone at Southwest Homes again. We had so much fun!”

To begin YOUR family’s fun-filled adventure with Southwest Homes, contact us today!

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