New Custom Home? Here Are Some Fascinating Flooring Trends!

New Custom Home? Here Are Some Fascinating Flooring Trends!

One of the best ways to personalize new custom homes is with the fascinating use of floor material.

Flooring is one of the main options those building new homes can choose to finalize their home building project.

Check out the latest trends in beautiful flooring to be installed by your home builder and choose the types that will complete your personal vision.


The biggest trend in flooring for new custom homes today is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and waterproof materials.

Laminate flooring has become the overall favorite due to the huge selection of colors and styles, its waterproof properties, and the low cost in comparison to actual hardwoods.

Waterproof vinyl is another surface gaining popularity as better and more attractive options become available.

Domestic, sustainably sourced materials are becoming a priority for many who are building new homes as are flooring choices made using some recycled content.


In terms of visual textures, new custom home builders are seeing more use of effects that give a rougher, unfinished natural and wood texture.

Flooring with a wire-brushed or hand-scraped look is especially popular in areas that might have previously seen finely finished flooring.

Distressed look wood floors are especially trendy. In complete contrast, smooth, polished finishes in some materials and patterns remain popular as well.

Colors and Tones

Because many of the preferred flooring types are or mimic natural materials, the most popular colors lately are whites, grays, light browns, and tans. Brighter flooring can lighten up a whole room and make it look bigger.

Blonde is a favorite light and warm color. Flooring with high-contrast color patterns is also finding its way into more new custom homes.


This year, contractors are installing more variable width patterns and patterns focusing on creating attractive designs with flooring planks.

Diagonal planks, herringbone, and chevron designs are taking over, turning simple floorboards into intricate and artistic patterns.

Still as popular as ever, wide planks create a traditional look that’s great for living areas and more.

Tiles are getting larger as well, creating bigger repetitive patterns.


Where style is concerned, new custom home builders are finding more homeowners looking for overall natural and organic looks with wood and stone at the top of the list.

Natural looking tile varieties are also very popular, with anything synthetic-looking becoming less desirable.

By using more organic looking floor styles, homeowners can bring a bit of nature into their homes for a warm, comfortable feeling.

In Summary - Custom Built Home Floors

With these and many other attractive flooring options available today, anyone building new homes can create great looks in their new custom homes.

Natural looking materials, especially wood and wood laminate, are the stars when installed by new custom home builders in more creative patterns and looks.

From variable width boards to stone tiles, bringing a bit of nature into your home will make every room look warm and inviting!

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