Looking for a trustworthy builder?

Looking for a trustworthy builder?

Building a house can be a life changing experience; it requires unlimited amounts of energy, money and efforts. People who have built a house claim they would be only crazy to do something like that twice, however the situation reverses if you have a good trust worthy builder. A good builder can make the experience of construction trouble free and rewarding where as a bad builder can make your life a living hell. If a builder has the power to affect your life in such drastic methods then you must choose a builder with extreme caution and care.

Before you hire a builder you must be clear on what kind of house you want to build, there are different builders and they specialize in different kinds of homes; so first decide whether you want a town house, condo or a single family house. The second thing you have to decide is whether you want a custom house or a production house; a custom house is one of a kind, every aspect of it is unique and dependent upon the personality of the owner whereas production houses are built in bulk and all look the same with similar characteristics. Only when you have made your choice about the kind of home you want can you start your builder hunt. The first you must do is list down the builders you think are suitable for your construction project, there are several ways of finding builders, you can contact for local chapter of the National Association of Home Builders, you can ask real estate agents for referrals or simply ask friends and family who has been directly in contact with a builder, you can even take help from local newspapers or magazines, you can even search online for builders in your area, these are just a few ways of looking for a builder. The builders that you narrow down from the list then check their credentials; look for the number of years experience they have, if any awards have been received, their BBB rating (Better business bureau) and a permanent business address. A permanent business address is a sign that the builder is trustworthy and will always be available; it also gives you a chance to check with local banks and supplier the reputation of the builder.

Now that we have stated the guidelines for choosing a builder, we can give you a few tips for making the right choice. Choose a builder that has been in business for three to five years, this is normally the amount of time a business needs to become financially stable, in this way you won’t face the risk of the builder running away with money. Always ask the builder to take you to a place that he has already built so you can get a clear idea of his work whether or not it is fulfill your requirements and be smart enough to authenticate his previous work.

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