Looking At Custom Built Homes With Outdoor Living Space!

Looking At Custom Built Homes With Outdoor Living Space!

The best part about designing custom homes is the freedom available to build on as much useable outdoor living space as desired in different and creative ways. A main element that many pre-planned home designs and development houses lack is great outdoor spaces. With custom built homes, anything can be done. Fortunately, homeowners who love the outdoors, and appreciate decks, porches and patios, can easily have these great home features included when building custom houses. Following are some ideas to spark creativity and help a homeowner dream big when creating the best outdoor living spaces possible.

Design A Comfortable Space

Whether building a custom deck, adding a covered patio, or considering a wrap-around porch, choose outdoor spaces based on family usage and then design a great space. Consider family activities and usage of these spaces, then build large enough to comfortably accommodate. Once that space becomes a reality, make it even better with creative decor and the right accessories. Built-in fireplaces, fire pits, and water features are great additions to custom spaces and can create a comfortable atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

For families who enjoy their outdoor spaces when the weather is mild, outdoor kitchens are becoming a popular addition to custom built homes. Naturally, the grill is an important part of this second cooking area; including a stove, refrigerator, and counter space for food preparation makes sharing outdoor meals even more convenient and allows the cooks to leave that hot kitchen and cook in the fresh air. Considering the kitchen is where most people gather in any home and certainly in custom houses, moving it outdoors helps families make better use and enjoyment from their outdoor living areas.

Privacy Concerns

During the design phase of a custom home, consider the location of the space, and any privacy concerns, like view and sound transmission, especially when properties are close together. If the idea that neighbors will have visual or audio access to these areas, think about some kind of visual and/or sound barrier. Privacy fences are a great and affordable option that can be found to match many different types of decor or architecture. Walls, or even natural dividers like hedges or trees, can serve the purpose.

Lighting, Sound, and Seating

By making the right choices in lighting, sound, and seating when building a custom home, homeowners can easily achieve the desired mood and atmosphere for their outdoor spaces. These things can add the final touch in creating an area that may become the most important part of a house. Today’s options in outdoor home accessories and furnishings designed to withstand the elements is vast, making it easy to create great style. A wireless sound system and decorative lights are a great finishing touch, turning ordinary weeknights into great nights when spent enjoying creatively designed outdoor spaces.

When planning custom homes and outdoor living spaces, a homeowner can explore many options in construction, finishing, and accessorizing to create the most inviting, comfortable space. With these extensions of the interior home, custom houses built to include attractive and useful outdoor areas are more enjoyable and frequently hold greater value – and be more attractive to future buyers. Those considering custom built homes should also consider adding a custom deck, patio, or other outdoor living space to achieve a truly unique, satisfying home!

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