Learn About Building A Home On Your Lot!

Learn About Building A Home On Your Lot!

Home ownership is a dream many people have, whether buying an older home or building one themselves. For some people, there is something very special about building a home on their own, unique piece of land. Buying a plot of land is the first step in achieving this dream; however, there is more involved than this. Before making any costly mistakes, it is important to learn some basic information about the home-building process.

So You Have A Plot of Land… Now What?

Building a home on your own land may seem like a daunting task, yet with proper planning it can be done in a relatively short amount of time. The most important thing before starting such a project is to research and ask many questions. Home construction mistakes can be costly – and even dangerous. A good plan can avoid this.

Land Assessment and Preparation

Before starting construction on a new plot of land, be sure that the lot is correctly zoned with the required improvements. Working with a civil engineer is essential at this point, as they will plot the land based on where the home can be built. They will determine if there is sufficient drainage, where roads and driveways should be placed, and be sure the land meets zoning requirements. Once the lot meets all zoning specifications, the owner can apply for a building permit.

Floor Plan Selection and Budget

When constructing a new home, choosing the right design plan requires forethought about a budget. Yet it is impossible to budget accurately for a project without knowing the following specifications:

  • Floor plan
  • Builder – a contractor or the homeowner
  • Cost – in order to secure financing

There are contractors, floor plan companies, and even some home building estimation applications available online to help with budgeting. Include purchasing approved blueprints if required or having blueprints drawn up by an architect in the cost estimate. Include the cost of extras, any changes to home plans that will affect cost.

Financing A Home Building Project

Once a property has been assessed, building permit issued, floor plan selected, and cost estimated, arranging for a loan is the next step. Most people who plan on building a home have either saved some money or know which lender will be financing the purchase. With building permits issued and actual floor plans to provide to the lender, it is the time to finalize a loan.

Blueprints, Utilities, and Supplies

Once financing is secured as well as blueprints and building permit in hand, it is officially time to startconstructing the house. The first thing to be done is to bring in utility contractors to connect the property with local electricity, water, and sewer. Once this has been accomplished, work on the foundation can begin and necessary supplies and building materials ordered.

There is a great deal of effort involved in research, phone calls, permits, cost estimates, and other necessary preparations to get an unfinished lot ready for building a home. It may seem like there is little to show for all that effort; however, all that changes very quickly. Once ground is broken and the foundation built, there is literally nowhere to go but up!

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