In the Process of Building a Home? When It Pays to Consider a Single Story House

In the Process of Building a Home? When It Pays to Consider a Single Story House

One of the biggest achievements that a person can have is investing in a home. Whether you’re having it built from the ground up on an empty lot of if you bought a lovely old house from a previous owner, you can turn it into your very own home in no time at all.

What are Single Story Homes?

Now, why should you consider something like a single story house? As the name implies, this is a residential structure which has a single floor where you can find all parts of the house: the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. If you bought a house in Robertson County, TX, for example, and you would like to live in a simple house with white picket fences, single story homes are definitely ideal. Such residential structures are gaining more and more popularity due to a number of reasons. Read on to find out exactly what these reasons are.

When Single Story Homes are Considered Ideal

Here are a few situations when single story homes are considered to be ideal:

·      If you are living in a house where elderly family members or toddlers are running around.

One of the many reasons why single story homes are gaining more and more popularity is the growing population of the elderly. When you have a home with just one floor, the elderly family members would not have to navigate through stairs where they can accidentally fall. The same thing holds true for little tykes running around the house.

·      If you would like to save on building costs.

If you are having your house built from the ground up, a single story house will allow you to save on raw materials and manpower.

·      If you would like to have an energy-efficient home.

Single story home plans are said to be more energy-efficient than multi-level houses. The residential structure allows heat to flow better during wintertime.

·      Other benefits of single story homes.

Since there are no second or third floors where footsteps might be heard below, single story homes are known to be a lot quieter. If you want a bit of privacy, you can simply move the master bedroom in a separate wing. It is also a lot easier to expand a house with a single story plan.

In the end, choosing between a multi-level and single story home is entirely up to you. As long as the plan that you end up choosing is something that best suits the needs of your family, you should be all set in enjoying your home after construction is finished.

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