How To Design Your Custom Home For Aging in Place!

How To Design Your Custom Home For Aging in Place!

If you are having a custom home built, you’re probably thinking about all the great features and amenities you want to include to make your life easier and more comfortable.

As you do, are you also considering the features that will make your home safer and more accessible as you age?

Custom home builders find that if you think ahead when planning your custom designed home, you can make your life easier for aging at home.

Your house will remain just as accommodating for you in the future as it is today.

No-Step Custom Home Floor plan

Tripping and falling are one of the biggest risks older people face. To reduce falls, plan your custom-designed home with a no-step, level floor plan.

Eliminate steps within the house, including those at entryways. Even if the home will have multiple stories, design it for living on the lower level with all amenities, including a lower-floor bedroom and bath.

Design for easy wheelchair accessibility now so that it won’t be a problem if someone ends up needing one in the future.

Consistent, Slip-Proof Flooring

An important element in a safe, no-step floor plan for a custom home is consistent flooring.

Choose non-slip, level flooring and use it throughout the entire house. In doing so, you can eliminate the need for thresholds that normally cover the seams where two types of flooring meet.

You will also eliminate slight level differences due to flooring thicknesses and the slipperiness of different flooring types.

Doors and Drawers

In general, doorknobs ;and doors can become a major problem for some people as they age.

Work with your custom home builder to find ways to reduce these difficulties by using levers instead of doorknobs throughout the home and sliding pocket doors where convenient.

Wider doorways are also more appropriate for older people who may rely on walking aids or wheelchairs.

As for cabinets and home storage in your custom designed home, be sure to include just as much lower storage under the counter-tops as you do overhead.

You may be able to reach those high cabinets now; however, it's the ones closest to the floor that will get the most use as you get older.

Similarly, avoid building cabinets above the stove or kitchen appliances. Create more usable lower storage with a big, multi-purpose kitchen island.

Bedroom and Bathroom

A single story home or a master bedroom on the main floor is a great plan for a custom home when looking to the future.

Within the bathroom, include things like a walk-in bathtub or large walk-in shower, grab bars, and an adjustable shower head with shower wand.

Incorporate a seat into your walk-in shower as well and install a level floor throughout.

Additionally, equip both with lights and lamps that use toggle switches or switch banks, as the twist switches on many lamps and bathroom lighting fixtures can be difficult for older hands to operate.

More Open Space

When designing your home, a spacious open floor plan is most effective when planning for the future.

The more open space you can work into your home, the more easily you will be able to get around when you are older.

Open floor plans are extremely versatile and popular right now anyway.

Although they may seem like little details that may not matter much, including them and other accessibility features in your custom-designed home can make it a safe home for the rest of your years.

On A Final Note

When you think about easy mobility and overall safety for older people in your planning stage with your builder, you’ll reduce the chance of accidents as you get older.

You will also reduce the chance of needing to sell your custom home in exchange for somewhere more senior-friendly!

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