How To Connect Your Custom Built Smart Home Wirelessly!

How To Connect Your Custom Built Smart Home Wirelessly!

Custom built smart homes contain devices that talk to you and to each other; however, all of that talking doesn’t happen on its own.

Smartly functioning custom built homes must be wired to do so. WiFi is only one piece of the smart device puzzle.

Understand what goes into building a connected home so you can discuss your needs and requirements with custom smart home builders.

WiFi Makes It All Happen

WiFi is the main component of any home network that keeps custom built smart homes talking.

WiFi is the basis of all wireless connectivity, from home computers to all the other devices within a connected smart home.

Devices may use different language protocols; however, they all work through a WiFi connection that allows those messages to pass between the devices.

Typically, the WiFi networks installed in custom built homes have a reach of about 150 feet and can serve the entire house.

Bluetooth Lets Your Devices Communicate

While WiFi serves as a wireless communication highway between networked devices, some devices can talk to the network as well as directly to each other.

They do this through Bluetooth, another type of wireless connectivity through which certain devices installed by custom smart home builders communicate.

With Bluetooth, you can wirelessly connect smart home devices including some appliances, door and window locks, nd more if they are within 25 or 30 feet of each other.

NFC Touch-to-Pair Technology for Adding Devices

Near field communication or NFC connections are those that allow you to connect certain devices by simply holding them within a few centimeters of each other.

This type of touch-to-pair technology is used in smartphones and smartwatches as well as a few other network devices that may be inside custom built smart homes.

It works similarly to Bluetooth ;but at a closer range and with a different signal.

Z-Wave and ZigBee for Secure Connections

Z-Wave and ZigBee wireless protocols are designed specifically for home devices as opposed to the other three standard protocols that connect all kinds of electronic and computerized devices.

Because Z-Wave and ZigBee are more specialized protocols, they are more secure.

Both are short to medium-range protocols that work at ranges between 25 and 100 feet inside custom built homes.

hey are used by some of the major home networking companies to connect certain home devices so they can communicate with each other and be monitored by you.

While Z-Wave and ZigBee-only devices cannot talk to each other, there are many devices now available that can communicate with both protocols.

A Final Analysis

What does this mean for owners of custom built smart homes?

Depending on what devices your home has and how connected you want to be, you will at least need a strong WiFi connection within your custom built home.

The more devices you include, the more of these various protocols custom smart home builders must include to ensure that all devices can talk to each other as needed.

The planning phase of it all can be a bit challenging; however, once you can communicate with all your devices and they can communicate with each other, you will gain all the convenience these devices have to offer you!

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