How to Build on Your Lot in the Brazos Valley

How to Build on Your Lot in the Brazos Valley

If you own a lot in the Brazos Valley and decide to build on it, you will have to get a building permit from the County Engineer’s office in the county in which your property is located. Getting a building permit is free and takes only a few minutes to process (but usually more than a few minutes to wait in line!). This permit defines among other things whether the property in the floodplain or not. If you fail to get a permit, you may not be able to build on your lot, you could end up paying heavy fines and construction on your lot could be halted. Once you obtain this permit, you will still have to abide by zoning ordinances, safety regulations, building codes and infrastructure requirements.

The various counties in the Brazos Valley are responsible for property zoning. They can tell you how your property is zoned and what you can build on it. This takes into consideration the character of the land or the character the county would like it to have. For example, you will not be allowed to build on your lot a high rise building in an area zoned for residential homes. For owners building in the country, this is obviously less of an issue.

The county will usually have geological records and civil surveys of your lot, with suggestions for the type of building that can be built, any restrictions (floodplain restrictions, for example) and hazards.

Building a new home on your lot is a complex job, taking up to 30 weeks or more. Craftsmen with different skills work on different components of a home, from plumbing, electrical, to heating and ventilation systems and the final finish. It requires careful planning, designing and project management skills. If you’re looking for a builder in the Brazos Valley, make sure the company has tons of experience, has built plenty of homes and is a member of the local and National Home Builders’ Association.

Also make sure you check for references before building on your lot. The county courthouse for your county is a good place to start to see if there are any lawsuits against a potential builder. See whether the builder is insuredand contact the local Home Builders’ Association to find out more about a particular builder. Ask for recent bank references or do a credit check. A builder’s credit history and bank references will tell you tall tales about his business. Bad credit and lack of cash in the bank could mean costly delays other complications that could throw your new home off schedule.

Visit the Better Business Bureau in the Brazos Valley. You can search for complaints against a particular free of cost. They could prove very helpful.

Make sure you take a close look at homes in the Brazos Valley your builder has finished. While checking for references, contact about five of his previous customers and ask them to let you take a look at their homes. Before building on your lot carefully examine their homes and then you should be able to tell if the company is right for you.

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