Got a New Custom Home For Christmas? See These Safety Tips!

Got a New Custom Home For Christmas? See These Safety Tips!

First Christmases are special, particularly when they happen inside a brand new custom home.

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting spending the holidays in your newly finished custom designed home, make sure it’s a happy time by making certain it’s ready for decorating.

Set up your house the right way and safely enjoy your new home at the most wonderful time of the year.

Inspect Where You Plan To Decorate

As excited as you may be to start decorating your new custom home, take a few minutes to do a quick inspection of the areas you plan on decorating.

Get your home builder to show you the location of the circuit panel and explain to you how to work it.

Know where outlets and heating vents are located in relation to each other as well as the furnishings and fixtures in your home.

The lights, electrical cords, and other electrical devices you used in your previous home may not work in your new one.

Develop A Safe Decorating Plan

Leave yourself time to make a safe decorating plan that keeps Christmas trees, wiring, and decorations away from heating vents while still allowing you to hide the cords and wires for a safe yet appealing look.

Replacing or adding to your electrical cords and light strings to reroute your decorations is a much safer idea for new, custom designed homes than is trying to work with what you’ve already got.

You will be much happier with how your home looks by using the right components and will have fewer safety issues to deal with.

Use the Right Electrical Components

Before you start unboxing all your decorations from years past or even buying new ones for your custom home, make sure you’re using high-quality, UIL-safe electrical components that are in good condition.

Inspect everything before you plug it in and only purchase the type of electrical cords specifically required to run your light strings or other electric decorations.

Stay away from cheap items that break after minimal use. A broken wire is enough to start a fire and seriously damage your beautiful new home.

Be sure to avoid overloading your outlets.

Be Careful with Candles

Candles are a traditional decoration that can really create that homey, holiday feeling. They can also be a huge hazard in your new custom designed home if not properly used.

Candles start the majority of home fires at holiday time.

As tempted as you may be to use candles in some traditional ways like on your tree or in your windows, consider your home and the safety of your family and opt for battery-operated or electric ones.

When using scented candles to fill your home with holiday spice or wintergreen, always put them somewhere they cannot be tipped over and never leave them unattended.

Christmas Safety - A Summary

This Christmas, you can have the happiest holiday ever in your new custom home with your family and friends gathered around.

Your home builder would also like to see you get countless years of pleasure from your new home. To protect it, follow these important holiday decorating safety tips.

Your custom designed home will look great while you reduce the risk of having an accident that could ruin more than just your happy holiday!

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