Finding the perfect builder

Finding the perfect builder

Building a house can be the most difficult thing in your life, it can your worst nightmare and living hell, however all this if you have a bad builder. The situation is completely reversed if you have good, hardworking and understanding builder. But that’s the problem, most of you out there would say, where do we find this kind of builder? Well, you would be surprised how easy this task can prove to be if you have the right kind of knowledge and after reading this article you most definitely would. This article will provide you with guidelines on how to find the perfect builder.

First of all, research and research; look for builders on the internet, in your locality, ask for referrals from friends and family who have been directly in contact with a builder or ask real estate agents, you can even look in newspapers and magazines, basically look wherever you can find a builder. Narrow down the one’s you like and start checking the credentials, look for the number of years of experience- it is preferable that you select someone who has worked for three to five years because that’s the number years a business takes to become financially sound. Look for any affiliations or awards and then permanent business address; a permanent business address implies that the builder is here to stay and you can reach them when the need calls for it.

Secondly, get a quote; a good builder would tell you how much he would cost and why. So get quotes from different builders, the quote must include details about the number of tasks the builder would perform and how much would each individual task cost. This gives you a clear idea about the kind of work the builder would be doing in your house and a sound estimate for your budget.

Thirdly, communicate with the builder- it is very important that you communicate with the builder; you must try to explain to him what exactly you want and how so he can draw a clear picture in his mind. Most people fail to explain their point to the builder and then they say that the builder was bad and incapable; you must understand that the builder has been in construction business long time before you have and he has more knowledge than you so you must trust him and his opinion and if you are able to express yourself to the builder he will most definitely build your house just the way you want to.

Lastly, monitor; no matter how good a builder is you must monitor his performance, if not for any other reason then just to make sure that the work he is doing is up to your expectations. However keep in mind if the builder and the workers are happy they will work carefully on your house and will contribute in achieving the perfect house so be careful that your monitoring does not suffocate the builder otherwise this would lead to a compromise on the quality of work he does.

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