Emerging Home Trends in the Bryan/College Station area

Emerging Home Trends in the Bryan/College Station area

The Emerging Home Trends

Nowadays home-buyers are mainly looking out for simple, efficiency and usefulness. These are no longer the days when people looked for colossal mansions and old styles; today’s generation just wants a house that has been designed to have pleasant look: to suit one’s lifestyle, and to suit one’s budget. Considering these factors, our professional architects and interior designers have come up with a list of burning trends associated with home-design.

Nobody goes for complicated architecture in today’s world. In fact, people look for spaces with natural-like finishing, simple and neat lines instead of embellishments and accents. A very simple exterior is preferred as it is easier and inexpensive to maintain.

When it comes to sizes, a smaller and more compact household is preferred; which is around 2400 to 2800 sq. ft, over the old homes which are huge and complement old joint-family living styles. This trend has obviously dragged in by wants of the people to the home they are purchasing to be suitable to their budget requirements and ever-changing needs.

As people are getting health and fitness conscious, they are beginning to view their houses with perspectives of finding its relation with environment/health-friendliness, exercising and practicing healthy diet-plans. Home purchasers often focus on green details like low VOC coatings, sealants and stains, besides preferring the furniture and interior made from natural raw materials like hay, bamboo, wheat, eucalyptus, etc.

Systems that offer better ventilation with high energy efficiency, i.e. HVAC systems, are desired as they are great on economizing. Even water saving bathroom fixtures like shower-head, toilets and faucets are favored.

ENERGY STAR® lighting-fixtures and appliances have succeeded in becoming a standard instead of a trend. Today’s products that saves cost and are efficient, makes the trend lye in their style and design.

It is no doubt that small homes are popular in today’s world. However there exists a desire for flexible house designs with several bed and bath rooms due to extended and joint families. These kind of homes that are accommodating several generations are in demand as mostly both the male and female parents are the bread earners of the home. Therefore, there is a need for elderly parents that could live in the same house and care for grandchildren while their parents are out for work. It is true that smaller houses do cost less than bigger ones, however more often they are not suitable to allow everyone to fix in and dwell under one roof.

The kitchen is still one of the most important areas of the house. The trends of kitchen designs have made it to transform into a total gathering place with an open and flexible design. Even though the houses are becoming smaller, the constructional features of the kitchen are however preferred to allow space and ventilation; what is desired in place of old compact kitchens is a multifunctional location to communicate with friends and family while cooking. “Invisible appliances” are getting popular day by day, where the ovens or cabinetry is incorporated in the walls to give a neat and sophisticated look to the décor of the kitchen.

A properly organized household is becomes a bare necessity as the size of homes shrink. People look for Look for cupboard organization systems which involve easy installation and fashionable baskets and bins placed all around the house. Seats that folds have made its way into the list of popular trends.

Even though for counter-tops, granite is the still the best choice, people do watch look for the range of different products such as poured-concrete, aluminum, glass and Butcher block-tops for their kitchens.

Finally, bottom line reveals that people are looking for articles and materials that are useful and make life easier, while reflecting their interests and individualism.

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