Doors and Windows Drafty? Try These Great Draft Dodging Tips!

Doors and Windows Drafty? Try These Great Draft Dodging Tips!

Wintertime is here and with it, the low temperatures and blustery winds blowing around your custom built home trying to suck out all its warmth.

If yours is an energy efficient home, it likely has windows and doors designed to stop drafts and help you more easily maintain a comfortable temperature.

When you need a little extra to help you stay warm during the coldest days of winter, try these tips suggested by home builders who know the best way to keep the cold out and the heat in.

With a little effort, you can keep your house toastier and your energy bill lower.


Available in multiple types including foam tape, bead, and compression, weather stripping creates a better seal between door edges, window sashes, and jambs to prevent air from passing around them.

Weatherstripping is inexpensive and you can easily install it yourself or arrange for a home contractor to do it for you to maintain a warmer, energy-efficient home this winter.

New Door Threshold, Sweeps, and Insulating Snakes

To prevent air from passing under the door, a new threshold that seals better underneath can help.

In addition, a new door sweep to further prevent air from passing between the threshold and the door will also reduce drafts.

A stuffed fabric door snake laid at the bottom of the door on the inside of the house is yet another easy, inexpensive method to keep drafts out; it is helpful on doors that where you don't want to install a door sweep.

Re-Caulking Doors and Windows

Though the doors and windows in today’s energy-efficient custom homes are well caulked when installed, caulk can degrade and crack over time.

Re-caulking is another easy, inexpensive way to reduce drafts and lower energy bills.

With the cracks around the door jambs and window sashes properly sealed, you will notice an immediate difference.

Window Insulation Film

Window insulation film is a clear plastic layer that you apply around the interior of a window and then heat it to shrink and make a draft-proof barrier.

Insulating with window film is inexpensive, highly effective, and takes only a few minutes for each window if you have some help.

It also peels off easily when the weather warms so you can open the windows and let the breeze blow in.

New Energy-Efficient Doors and Windows

If the drafts are extreme or the doors and windows in your home are older, having your home builder replace them with new, energy-efficient and draft-proof doors and windows is the appropriate solution.

While this will initially cost more than other less expensive options, you will see considerable energy savings each month in both the winter and summer plus the value of your custom home will increase as well.

Stay Energy Efficient - Draft-Proof!

Doors and windows that do not seal well are one of the more common places where cold drafts can enter your home.

Prevent drafts from affecting the climate inside your home by trying these professional home builder tips to have a more comfortable, energy-efficient home!

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