Custom Homes and Decks – What You Need To Know!

Custom Homes and Decks – What You Need To Know!

A deck is a great addition to any home, something that a homeowner would want to discuss with theircustom home builder when creating the home of their dreams. No matter what type of home is being built, adding a deck can be one of the most valuable parts of any house plan. Before getting started, a homeowner and their custom builder should think about the type of deck to build, where to locate it, and what materials to use.

Location Importance

An experienced custom builder knows most decks are built onto the side or rear of a home, accessible usually from a common area such as the kitchen, living room, or family room. It is also a good idea to build a deck where there is some natural shade and protection from the wind and weather, depending on the local climate. Sun in the afternoon in cooler areas can be nice, although wind protection might be more important. Look at the various places where deck doors could be built into the home, then assess such options based on those areas.

Besides weather exposure, the best home builders will consider things like view, privacy, road traffic, and distance from property lines to make the best deck location decision. What is most important is for the deck to be placed wherever the homeowner feels it will get the most use. Experienced custom buildersknow the rest can be remedied in various ways – by planting trees, installing a privacy fence, or adding a shade or roof to create the most usable deck for the home residents.

Building Material Choices

Most decks are made from pressure-treated lumber, which is very durable and economical for outdoor projects like a deck. Other rot-resistant wood types, such as cedar and various hardwoods, are slightly more expensive but last longer. The best home builders advise that wood – whether pressure-treated or not – requires routine maintenance like cleaning, sealing, staining, or painting for a long service life that will keep it looking its best. For a larger deck, this could be labor intensive, yet definitely affordable.

Another very popular choice among the best home builders is composite wood. This decking material is a mixture of wood pulp and PVC or other plastic, made into boards that are molded with wood grain that is tinted in either natural wood tones or other popular deck colors. It looks like real wood, yet requires almost no maintenance at all. While composite is somewhat more expensive than natural wood, it is a cost that is only spent once, leaving a homeowner to enjoy a deck effortlessly for years to come.

Once the essentials have been decided, it is time for a homeowner and their custom home builder to design a deck plan. This may include simple or decorative railings of various types, post ornaments, and even benches or seating built right into the deck. Regardless of whether the homeowner and custom home builder choose a simple plan or a more complex one, there are numerous deck ideas. One of those plans can yield the right deck to meet home owner needs and wants – and can be enjoyed for many future years!

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