Custom Home Kitchen Designs – What You Should Consider!

Custom Home Kitchen Designs – What You Should Consider!


The kitchen is the place in many homes where everyone always seems to gather; so having great kitchens is an important part of custom built homes. There are many options available today to create an inviting and useful kitchen as part of a custom home design. Kitchens are now more than functional places occupied by one cook; most home owners want a space that is functional, useable, and a gathering place for friends and family.

Consider Kitchen Use

There are countless ideas for creating a well-equipped kitchen work space; however, before being concerned about color and style, it is important to first consider the layout. Based on the shape of the room, a well-designed kitchen should have what is called a work triangle that allows for the efficient use of the sink, the range, and the refrigerator. Everything else should be designed around those three essential items without running out of necessary space.

For efficient positioning, the sides of an imaginary triangle drawn between the sink, range, and refrigerator should add up to no less than 12 feet in a very small kitchen and no more than 26 feet in a larger one. This is done for maximum positioning and use. The work path can be u-shaped, l-shaped, or straight as with a galley kitchen.  The goal is to keep these appliances close together, with no traffic pathway between them. Once the work triangle has been designed, it is time to add everything else.

Current Trends in Kitchen Design

With the basic room shape planned and the work triangle in place, it is possible to put the rest of the space to good, efficient use with the right cabinetry, counter-tops, and other basic necessities. With great products available to help custom home owners design the kitchen of their dreams, thinking big and beautiful has never been so easy. Following are some ideas for a great kitchen plan:

  • Kitchen Trends - A kitchen must be it is functional. With this in mind, owners of custom built homes can create a design using all the latest ideas in kitchen efficiency. This could include cabinetry with everything from a corner Lazy Susan to built-in drawer and cabinet slides. There are also pot and lid racks, glassware racks, and specialized storage to consider.  It is such a great way to put every inch of available space to good use. Under-cabinet lighting, automated sinks, pull-out vertical storage, and other space-saving ideas are very popular as well. All of this offers convenience as well as a place to put everything and keep kitchen areas clean and ready for use.
  • Kitchen Fashion Trends - Counter-tops made of granite, marble, slate, and laminate replicas in colors to fit any decor or style are fashionable options. Large kitchen islands finished with high-quality cabinets look beautiful, yet provide adequate storage and work space. Glass upper cabinet doors are very popular today when matched with solid lower cabinets. White or lighter, natural colors add openness to kitchen spaces, preventing them from feeling too cramped. Designer touches like farmhouse-style, apron front sinks as well as lanterns, chandeliers, and other decorative overhead lighting add a touch of elegance rather than a standard sink and common lighting. Many custom homes now include small kitchen screens for TV and internet use, making keeping up with the news, or looking up that favorite recipe, so easy.

With so many available products, materials, and design styles to build the perfect dream kitchen, the options are nearly limitless as to what owners of custom homes can do with a kitchen space. As long as plans for the kitchen of custom built homes begin with a good layout for placement of essential items, creating a great work, family, and entertaining space is easy. The kitchen truly is a main focal point of most custom houses.  With some creative thought, a homeowner can have a beautiful, functional, and unique kitchen work area!

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