Custom Home Builders – Creating Dream Kitchens!

Custom Home Builders – Creating Dream Kitchens!

When building a custom home from the ground up, there is one area homeowners tend to get very excited about – their kitchen! As the heart of any home, kitchens are the place where people tend to gather – and much more than just a place where food is prepared. Planning and outfitting a dream kitchen is seen by many custom home builders as the best part of the custom home building process because so much can be done with a fresh, blank palette. Following are a few tips to help you when thinking about building the best kitchen.

The Big Plan

Before shopping for all the great, new appliances that will fill this new kitchen, it is essential for builders of custom homes to begin with a plan. For the most efficient use of kitchen space, it is important to look at family habits and determine who will be using that space the most. Does someone enjoy baking? Are there children who sit in the kitchen doing homework or crafts? Are there pets at home who need their own little section of the kitchen? Does the family entertain frequently? Is there more than one person in the family who might be cooking at the same time?

These and other questions must be answered to have the best dream kitchen layout, a space with more than enough luxury and space. Along with utility and layout, homeowners should consider various appliance and cabinetry design styles, then select one that meets what they want and blends with the rest of the house. Custom home builders can create a vision of the dream kitchen as a means of achieving such a vision.

Choosing The Right Cabinetry

Once custom home builders have laid out basic kitchen design and cabinetry style has been determined, the next part of building a dream kitchen is choosing the cabinets. There are many new and innovative ideas in cabinetry, from pull-out, in-wall storage to swing-outs, tilt-outs, in-cabinet and in-drawer lighting, dividers, racks of all kinds, and just about anything and everything that can efficiently hold dinnerware, glassware, cutlery, appliances, food, and everything else that is stored in the kitchen.

Some of the newer cabinets are very impressive, adding a touch of luxury to the tried and true cabinets and drawers. Some cabinet manufacturers even offer standalone pieces of kitchen “furniture” comprised of cabinets and work surfaces in one, for more flexibility and greater spaciousness. There are so many functional designs to choose from, a custom home builder could get lost in the choices!

Choosing the Best Appliances

Just like cabinets, the selection of major appliances is exhaustive, with all the technology and attractive design that is available. From various finishes to different features, appliances now range from basic white with standard features to professional-looking stainless steel – and beyond. Stove tops and refrigerators offer some interesting options. Regardless of the preferred style, there is nothing better than having brand new appliances, equipped with all the new functions that today’s models have to offer.

You’re on the homestretch of having a dream kitchen when it is time to choose and install new appliances, with little more than flooring and window treatments left. By the time the appliances go in, custom home builders can see the results of their efforts – a dream kitchen. As a major room in any residence, having a good, useful kitchen no longer has to be only a dream – it can be a reality with the help of custom home builders!

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