Custom Built Homes Need Perfect Windows!

Custom Built Homes Need Perfect Windows!

When building custom homes, one of the more critical decisions that must be made is where to put the windows and what type of windows to install. Windows are much more than a way to let in light or get a breeze. There are various types of windows that serve many different purposes for those who have custom contractors building their home. To ensure the most appropriate windows are installed, both the homeowner and custom home builders should understand the differences in the many types available, and how to choose the windows most sufficient for their unique home.

Energy Efficiency

In today’s world, the reduction of heating and cooling costs are an important consideration when purchasing windows, since they can contribute a great deal of savings on utility costs. Double-paned windows can be made with special coatings that help keep heat out in the summer and inside in the winter. These windows are cost-effective options that builders of custom homes should consider when attempting to install the most energy efficient types for the geographical region and climate.

Light and Ventilation

When putting windows in a custom home plan, designers of one-of-a-kind homes must consider letting in enough light and allowing for proper ventilation. This can be achieved by putting the majority of windows on the sides of a home that get the most sunlight and best ventilation. Choosing windows designed with UV protective layers or partially transparent shades to let both light and air in without the heat, are highly recommended.

Visual and Decorative Effect

Besides being functional and practical, windows are also beautiful. One of the greatest thing about choosing windows for specially designed homes is the freedom to design appealing walls of glass, attractive windowed dormers and decorative bay windows, window seats, and other unique architectural window types. By using the best window products with the above, custom contractors get the best of both beauty and efficiency in one. There are many window products made today specifically for this purpose, allowing builders of made-to-order homes extensive choices for creating the perfect look, without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Functional Shades for Beautiful Windows

When designing with windows, it is important that custom contractors consider lighting and cooling efficiency as well as safety. Purchasing window units that can be easily outfitted with functional shades is also important. Shades are an essential part of manually controlling heat and light, whether as part of the window frame or hung in front of windows and as a security feature. New homes that are built with many windows can be a target for theft, since it is easy to see what is inside. The installation and consistent use of window shades provide a simple and convenient way to increase home security, preventing anyone outside from seeing what is inside at night, when homeowners are away, or any other time a visual block or added security is needed.

Custom home builders can create exceptional visual and functional effects with the right windows; however, knowing the different available products and how they can be effectively used is necessary. Choosing decorative, functional and useful windows can turn a custom home into an efficient and unique dwelling!

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