Custom Builders Design The Dazzling Bathroom Of Your Dreams!

Custom Builders Design The Dazzling Bathroom Of Your Dreams!

The bathroom in your custom built home is a personal space that can be more than just a bathroom if you design it right.

Today, custom builders have access to amazing materials and components that can turn any bathroom into a personal spa and relaxing sanctuary.

When planning your home with creative home building contractors, consider some of these dazzling ideas to have the bathroom of your dreams.

Concrete, Stone, Marble, and Wood

The most popular materials found in the bath areas of many custom built homes are concrete, finely polished stone, and marble.

When used for flooring, countertops, and sinks as well as tiles for walls and showers, these materials give a natural feel to any bathroom while being durable and easy to keep clean.

Created by mixing stone and glass chips into concrete, terrazzo is especially popular in the bathroom for its natural, yet decorative appearance.

Another growing trend that custom builders are seeing is the addition of wood vanities and components beneath all those concrete and stone countertops to soften the look.

Brass and Gold Tone Fixtures

While brushed aluminum and chrome are still very popular, brass and gold tone fixtures are making a comeback in the bathroom. It looks great with the muted, natural tones in the concrete, stone, and tile being chosen most often, creating a warmer and more comforting look.

Heated Floors and More

Bathroom heating is another element that home building contractors are incorporating into more custom built homes.

Under floor heating, heated towel bars, and even small fireplaces all take the chill away. These luxurious elements turn a basic bathroom into a personal spa.

Trendy Color Palettes

Although the most popular color schemes in bathrooms today are natural ones such as browns and grays with hints of other tones, some like slightly bolder colors.

Classic black and white together remain popular, while softer, muted blue tones that portray a feeling of the ocean are also desirable.

Luxury Showers and Baths

The focal point of a luxury bathroom is always a great shower and bath.

Large stone or tile shower enclosures with glass or metal-framed glass doors are a popular option in many homes, as are large tile-surround tub fixtures.

Freestanding bathtubs are another great option, giving the appearance of a larger space.

Bed and Bath Spaces

Adding even more comfort and coziness, today's custom builders find that combined bedroom and bath spaces are also gaining popularity.

These are designed with the toilet and sink behind a wall or partition and a freestanding bath or built-in bath or shower surround constructed within the bedroom space itself.

Smart Options and Entertainment

With the rest of the house becoming intelligent, it should come as little surprise that the bathroom is getting connected as well.

Voice controlled showers, sinks, and heated toilet seats to remove the chill are newer smart technology in use today.

Additionally, many homeowners are now including smart audio and video capability in their bathrooms to make these spaces more relaxing.

Custom Home Bathrooms - A Summary

Using these and many other trendy ideas, home building contractors can turn your bath space into the bathroom getaway of your dreams.

Luxurious, comfortable, and attractive bathrooms in custom built homes make everyday life a pleasure!

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