Common Floor Plans for College Station Homes

Common Floor Plans for College Station Homes

There are 5 major floor-plan types:

The Conventional Ranch Style: When you want your house constructed with one main floor where all the bedrooms are situated at one side of the house unlike the master-bedroom which is usually at the opposite side, it is commonly called the Conventional Ranch Style. There might be a possibility of a second floor, but it may just consist of an extra split room or maybe an attic.

1-1/2 story/ Farm-Ranch/ Cape-Cod : This styles name differs in different locations and has not been given one in specific. In some places it is known as a double-story home,  but what it basically consists of is one master bedroom on the first floor with the rest of the suites are situated on the second floor.

Double story : In this kind of floor plan, majority of the bedrooms are on the second floor including the master suite.

Multi-level Floor Plans : This floor plan consists of various styles combined;  Their type includes, split foyers, split levels, tri levels and high-ranches. Almost all of these plans are mixtures of double story and ranch floors, which are designed by contractors and architects to devise a plan that suits the budget and needs of the area and consumer. Multi-level take the form customized houses, built specially to adjust with things such as very sloping lots.

What’s common in the money you are willing to spend, your area and your individuality, usually cast the most affect on the floor-plan that you are going for. Also, the design of the exterior you choose, and the sort of foundation go for, causes major influence to your plans.

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