Choosing the Perfect Home Plan

Choosing the Perfect Home Plan

Choosing Perfect Homeplan

Getting a brand new house built for yourself is arguably the most important project one has to deal with in his/her lifetime, therefore it becomes highly essential to select the perfect home-building plan which will not only please you through its looks, but also suit your budget and requirements. It is noteworthy that when you look out for a house plan today, you need to think about your needs tomorrow, keeping in mind what changes is future likely to bring into your family and lifestyle. A great option for today’s home plans is the addition of flexible rooms that can be transformed into a bedroom, den or may be a nursery when need be. You may not feel the need at the moment, house-plans offering bonus areas, basement and attics can prove to be very useful in near future.


To find the best house plan for yourself, the foremost thing one will have to do is to assess your budget and your requirements and ask yourself few questions:


Are you married or planning to get married soon? If you are, then how many children do you have or planning to have? Are you a widow and thinking of downsizing? Are you a single parent? These questions will lead you to creating a rough estimate of the size and structure of the home you are willing to build.


Are you a frequent cook and/or entertainer of guests? If you are, then you will need a spacious, well-designed and ventilated kitchen where you can spend hours cooking without any hassles, with plenty of space for guests to be within your reach as you cook and socialize at the same time. New trends in kitchen designs involve large, beautiful kitchens with features for convenient and comfortable cooking.


Do you like inviting people for sleepovers? If you have relatives or family abroad or you just like calling friends over for night stays, it is necessary to add extra rooms or bonus suites in your plan which can be easily transformed into a guest room upon need.


Do you have a full-fledged budget realistically planned beforehand? To enjoy your home building to the utmost, having a preplanned estimate of the budget is important. You may think you can afford a bigger home in the money you have, but it is necessary to think about the potential expenses you will incur; the maintenance costs, bills, square footage rates in the area, etc. New trends homes allow an option for expansion and further finishing in the future. It is worth the expense to hire a cost estimator, who will not only calculate the current expenses but combine all bills, interest, taxes and other expenditure you will have to do when you get the house built.


Are you involved in a home-based business or a job that needs work at home?  If you are, then you shall need an area in the home for the office. Select which room you will use for the office wisely, especially if you are expecting frequent clients.


How desperately do you need a spacious, luxury master bedroom to relax? A personalized bedroom to completely own and relax in is the basic need. When going for a master suite, smartly decide what will you actually need and want in the room such as a sitting area, a huge window, a luxurious bath/spa, walk in cupboards, etc. Almost all of the latest floor plans offer a master suite, which could be located on the first or second story, and/or the right or left wing of the house per your wishes.


Are you an outdoor lover? Your house’s area have the capability of getting extended further into an outdoor space, such as a porch, a deck, a patio, an outdoor kitchen, a pool, a garden, etc. You can contact the builder to add one of these in your plans, and he will discuss with you the possibilities.


It is noteworthy that to get the home of your dreams, you will need to customize the plan according to your own tastes if you want. Most of the changes in the house-plan can be made by the builder himself through redlining, however if you desire an important structure modification then the main designer will need to be contacted. Good luck!

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